REACT Headquarters Office Phone:  (408) 282-2420 Fax:      (408) 282-2421 

Operations Manager: Sergeant Keith Neumer

Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team


REACT Task Force Headquarters / Phone: (408) 282-2420 / Fax (408) 282-2421

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Project Director: Lieutenant Michael Sterner

Mission of the REACT Task Force

1. Assume the lead role in high technology crime, including but not limited to the following  crimes:

    o White Collar Crimes such as automated teller machine and credit card    

  fraud, committed y means of electronic or computer-related media
o Network Intrusion
o Money laundering accomplished with the aid of computer networks or electronic
   banking transfers
o Theft of telecommunications service, theft of wireless communications service and
   theft of cable television services
o Software piracy
o Theft and resale of computer hardware
o Theft of trade secrets
o Identity theft

Conduct undercover operations in furtherance of our mission to identify, arrest, and convict persons involved in these crimes.

3. Provide technical support to other agencies and units with the forensic search, seizure, and preservation of electronic data obtained from suspects or at crime scenes and utilized in various criminal activities, including expert testimony on the retrieval and handling of such data.

4. Develop and maintain excellent working relationships with, and provide assistance to, other law enforcement agencies local, state and federal, community groups and businesses on high technology crimes and matters of mutual concern. REACT Task Force Agents will maintain contact with other law enforcement officers within the five counties REACT serves.

5. Assume an active role in the education and distribution of information on high technology crime, both throughout the community and law enforcement. The task force will work toward this objective via presentations to community groups, private industry (REACT Steering Committee), the media, and law enforcement.



The REACT Task Force is a diversified partnership of local, state, and federal agencies formed in cooperation with private industry to combat the escalating problem of high technology crime and the threat it poses to the health and welfare of our public and private communities. It was created for the purpose of conducting multi-jurisdictional investigations; to increase the recovery rate of stolen high technology components; and to provide centralized expertise, support and coordination for high technology investigations. Furthermore, the task force has the added responsibility of investigating incidents of Identity Theft.

REACT is comprised of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies operating jointly under a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The majority of assigned detectives work high technology and identity theft investigations on a full time basis. The remaining investigators participate part time.
By creating a multi-jurisdictional team that combines resources and specific skills along with a working partnership with the high technology industry, REACT is able to arrest and prosecute a wide range of criminal offenders and provide a higher level of service to the local community and to the high technology industry.