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A partnership of 17 local, state, and federal agencies, with the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office designated as the lead agency. The REACT Task Force is one of five in the State of California and authorized under California Penal Code 13848.

All Agents of the React Task Force are either California Peace Officers and/or U.S. Federal Agents

REACT was established in 1997 by the California State Department of Justice, in response to both public and industry concerns over the spread of new types of crime directly tied to our increasingly computer-oriented economy and widespread use of the Internet. High tech companies and industry councils provide specialized training, liaison personnel and internal support for task force investigations.

By creating a multi-jurisdictional team that combines resources and specific investigative skills, along with federal jurisdiction to conduct investigations across state and international lines, and a close working partnership with the high tech industry, REACT has been able to arrest and prosecute a wide range of criminal offenders and provide a more effective level of service to local communities and the high tech business community.

Telephone: (408) 282-2420
Fax:          (408) 282-2421