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Soon the U.S. Census will begin and you can be sure that crooks will be waiting.  Many people may become the victim of identity theft based on their personal identifying information which they provide to fake U.S. Census takers.  The U.S. Census is very important so how can you tell what is real?  The U.S. Census Bureau has everything you ever wanted to know on their website:


Prior to the Census taking place, you should receive a letter in the mail from the Census Bureau Director.  You will be notified that in a few days, your household will receive a form in the mail, or a phone call, or an in-person visit from a census representative.  So, how can you verify your information is being collected by the Census and not a crook?  First, become familiar with the information that will be collected.  The actual form can be viewed from the Census website at:


A Census taker who comes to your house in person will have a Census identification card bearing only their name.  You can ask for another form of identification to verify their identity.   A real Census worker will never ask to enter your home.  If you would like to verify the validity of the individual at your home call:

Regional Census Center: (425)-908-3000 
Regional Partnership Group: (415)-908-4050

What questions will be asked?  Name, Sex, Age and date of birth, Hispanic origin, Race, Household relationship and if you own or rent your home.  A valid census worker will NOT ask for your social security number, bank or credit account information, salary or income, citizenship or immigration status.   According to the U.S. Census website: “A census questionnaire will be mailed to you. If you fill out the form and mail it back, no census taker will need to come to your residence. Most people mail back their form. The Census Bureau would rather get your form back in the mail, and you can help your country save money by sending it back.”

The REACT Task Force wants you to stay safe and not to become a victim.  The U.S. Census is very important.  REACT recommends filling out the form and returning it by mail.

To reduce the incidence of high technology crime through the apprehension of the professional organizers of large scale criminal activities.

REACT Investigates these crimes:           REACT Provides these services:
Theft- where computer equipment
or high technology is the primary
target of the crime.
Technical support for Law Enforcement,
including Search Warrant preparations
and/or review.
Identity Theft - specializing in
complex investigations with
organized criminals.
Forensic Investigations for computer systems, PDA's and cellular devices
Trademark Violations, including           
trade secrets
Training and referrals
On-line crimes such as auction

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